Alaska Native Business Information

The is more than just a business directory where you can find business phone numbers and resources. The additional elements of include contact information for native organizations and support throughout the state.

Preferential placement for Native owned or operated businesses enables users to support the Native community by easily identifying Alaska Native owned businesses. If you’re a business who serves the rural or native population please support the People coming in from the Bush often need good information on discounts and coupons being offered by businesses who want to support rural Alaskans. You can find those coupons here on the

In addition to the 13 regional corporations and the contact information to reach them, we have also included native and village contact numbers which can be found in the directory. As things change throughout the state; phone numbers, addresses and contact numbers our platform allows native leaders villages and corporations to be able to change that information so that our directory remains current.

The forums located on can be used to post information relevant to the native community. If you have links and resources that would be helpful to people in rural Alaska you can post those links in our forum section. If you’d like to add some discussion areas that focus on your concerns, we appreciate any input you have, regarding questions, concerns or areas where you could use some help, this is the place to post that information.

Native leaders have raised concerns of the lack of coverage from local newspapers regarding important Native issues. Often governments have ignored the needs of the native community and it has been hard to distribute that information so that other people can see the challenges facing Natives throughout Alaska.  Our platform facilitates discussions on relevant native issues and allows users to post comments and questions to get the answers they need in tribal, village, cultural and regional native corporation issues. By building a grass roots organization, efforts of native people can be coordinated and shared to bring more political empowerment.

If you are involved in leadership in Native issues and would like to communicate those concerns or issues this is the perfect place for you to do that.

Native Job Opportunities

If you have interest in employment and would like more information on the rural Alaska Internet Jobs Training Program, we would like to hear from you. For too long it has been hard for talented people living in rural Alaska to find job opportunities near home. That’s going to change now that the platform is up and the opportunities are presented to people in rural Alaska who have not had those kinds of Internet job training opportunities in the past.

As we continue to grow and add the regional directories you’ll find that you can search for people throughout the state that have businesses owned or operated by the Alaska Native community. Rural issues are often different than the urban issues Native people face. So whether you need information about opportunities in the city, jobs boards, volunteer activities, or events just come to the to get the 411 information on Alaska native issues.

So whether you’re a shareholder, an officer, or director in a Native organization the resources available on will help you by making your life easier.

If you or someone you know would like to help make a difference in the opportunities here in Alaska please contact us so that we can help you reach your goals.